The Little Things on your Wedding Day

August 7, 2014 in All Entries, Wedding

The little things on your wedding day make a huge difference. All to often, as you prepare for your big day there are many things that you don’t get a chance to see, and many things you see you do not get to savor. That’s where we come in. Having a team of 3 photographers ensures that you will get to cherish all the little things of and in your wedding for years to come.

Bride Looking forward to wedding ceremony

Preparing for the wedding ceremony is important for every bride. Pictures like these capture all the excitement you are feeling just before you walk down the isle.

Ready Bride


Rings On Flower Stem

Incorporating wedding rings and flowers has become very popular in wedding photography. Though these pictures are popular, they are always unique. Each wedding has its own flowers, location, and rings specific to the bride and groom, making these pictures unique for each couple.

Wedding Dress with necklace

Many brides have dresses, or jewelry, that is passed down from generation to generation increasing the significance of these photos. If there is something of significant value to you, simply tell us, and we will be sure to give it the attention it deserves.

Wedding Flower

Wedding venues are breathtaking, especially in Asheville. Many of the photos you see will have guests in them somewhere. We like to make sure to photograph your venue when no one is around so you can enjoy all the beauty of your special day whenever you would like.

Wedding Alter

Custom alters are great photo-ops for guests as well as a backdrop for the couple. The pictures of these details are great reminders of all the people that support you and will always be there for you.